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Statement of Motivation

As of 2004, Munich's LMU requires a personal 'Statement of Motivation' (Motivationsschreiben) from each student, declaring that a foreign applicant has made an informed decision as to choice of subject and the LMU as appropriate university. By this means it is intended to prevent students dropping out through insufficient information or a false idea of course contents. At the same time, the writing of an Statement of Motivation gives applicants the opportunity to scrutinize the course, their own requirements and the choice of LMU, and to correct any bad decisions in good time.

Equally, the Statement of Motivation should give the impression that applicants are fundamentally able to follow their studies as to the language and able to express themselves in written assignments at an adequate level.

The University has put out the following text on the subject:

The Statement of Motivation must address the following questions:

·         - which major subject (and which two minor subjects in the case of a Masters course [Magister])
  do you wish to study?

·         - why do you want to study this particular course?

·         - why do you chose the Ludwig Maximilian University for this course?

·         - what career path or employment opportunities do you connect with your choice of course?

·         - what information have you received so far about this course as it applies to the LMU?

·         - how did you obtain this information ? From which people or institutions ( student advice centre, internet,

·         - how do you rate the internet presentation of your courses (major and minor)?

·         - how do you rate the internet presentation of the University's Foreign Student Applicants Section?
  (please give us your criticisms and improvements !)

- please address these topics in an essay of your own, taking 2 to 3 pages of paper (1000 words), in German.


Application for restricted admission second subject: this requires an Statement of Motivation of its own. If you graduated at the LMU and want to apply for a restricted admission second subject, you also need to indicate which graduation level you have already attained in your major and minor subjects (Proseminar certificates , practicals, etc.).


- * Explanation: for graduate studies please choose a major subject see and two minor subjects see:


Note: other rules apply for the following subjects:

·         BWL:   business administration (Betriebswirtschaftslehre)  

·         VWL:   economics (Volkswirtschaftslehre)  

·         KW:   Communications Science (Kommunikationswissenschaften)  

·         The differences between BWL and VWL are explained here.


Published by the Overseas Academic Applications Section of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Jan 13th, 2004.