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Sometimes language students hear rumors that TestDaF is easier than the DSH. This is not true. TestDaF is not easier, it is simply different.

Institutions with diverse interests came together and created the TestDaF with the aim to construct a recognized, standardized test to replace the established tests that were all tailored to different objectives.

The TestDaf has 4 parts:

Reading Comprehension

Listening Comprehension


Oral Exam



You pass the exam when you get at least a level of 3 (TDN3 of 5 TestDaF levels) in all 4 areas. A passing grade on the TestDaF allows you to study at a German university. The universities in Munich (LMU, TU, and FHS) generally require a passing grade of 4. Some professors, teachers, and institutions think that students at this level do not have enough knowledge of the German language needed for studies at an institute of higher education.

When you look at the four parts of the test, you will notice that grammar is not tested. This is supposed to be modern and forward-thinking. Of course, you cannot get around knowing German grammar and syntax if you want to pass the test. A good knowledge of the German language is not enough to pass the test though. As an example, the guidelines for the written part of the exam should show the necessary tasks expected on the test:



This section of the test always has a description of a diagram. You must put the appropriate vocabulary in the appropriate order. The tasks for the student are to fill out a sample with words from the diagram. The same scheme is to be applied to the questions for the reasons of the increase/decrease of the subjects of the diagram. The same goes for the question regarding how the situation is in the home country. 

The oral exam is difficult because the student must prove his/her speaking abilities in an unnatural situation. This should also be practiced before the actual exam. 
The TestDaf exam costs 150 Euros. A difference between the DSH exam and the TestDaf is that the TestDaf can be retaken multiple times.

The students receive the exam results 6 to 8 weeks after the test date. The time it takes to correct the exam often overlaps with the university application deadline, therefore you must carefully look at the timeline before you register.

Passing the TestDaf does not replace the test for the Studienkollegs!

You can find the test dates at

Preparing for the TestDaf Exam

The TestDaf is the same no matter where you take it. All tests have the same level of difficulty or simplicity, depending on how you look at it. The main thing that does differ with the TestDaf is the type of preparation courses that are offered: Many courses do not fulfill the requirements for this test: groups of 30 students, not enough lessons per week, under-paid, unmotivated and unqualified instructors, expensive courses – all of this will claim to result in a “successful preparation course”. 

Therefore, the careful selection of a course is crucial. (See: :
Which course is right for me?).