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Universities and Centres of Higher Learning in Bavaria


The following is a summary of the universities in Bavaria. The LMU and the TU, of course, are the the biggest universities in Bavaria. They offer almost every conceivable subject. But even smaller universities such as the Technical College in Munich can be of interest. Have a look at the homepages of the various institutions and you will find many ways to gather more information.


1. Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich

The LMU, oldest and largest university in Bavaria, towers above the rest here. Its appeal is based not only on the attractions of Munich and its high standard of living, but also on the wide range of study possibilities in its 18 faculties and over 100 areas of study. And not least, the international recognition given to the LMU convinces around 5,500 foreign students to do their studying here.

2. Technical University, Munich

Munich's TU is the first choice for many students of Natural History and Engineering because of its excellence in science. The high esteem in which its graduates are regarded and the prospect of a successful career start - in which they are supported by the College - have helped the current 20,000 students, of which 15% are from abroad, to decide for study at the TU.

3. The College of Musik and Theatre.

An institute of higher learning with a long tradition, catering for instrumentalists, singers and composers, and for composition, directing, ballet and the teaching of music.

4. The Academy of Visual Arts.

The academy offers instruction in Liberal Arts ( painting, sculpture, photography, scene building etc.) as well as the teaching of art, art history and the new media.

5. The Munich College for Television and Films.

For careers in media studies, both artistic and in the areas of production and media business studies.

6. The technical colleges.

The Technical Colleges were started as a new branch of higher education in 1971. They are more strongly oriented towards the needs of the job market. After studying for, usually, 8 semesters ( 6 theoretical and 2 practical semesters ), the graduate obtains the certificate of 'Master of Engineering from a Technical College' [Diplom-Ingenieur (FH)].

7. Other Bavarian Universities:

University of Augsburg.

Otto Friederich University   Bamberg.

University of Bayreuth.

Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen.

University of Passau.

University of Regensburg.

Julius Maximilians University, Würzburg.

Catholic University, Eichstätt.

It is sometimes possible for students to obtain one of the 7000 rooms provided by the Munich Student Organisation (Studentenwerk).