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Recognition of Certificates


Those who have gone to school in their own country and matriculated there often realize only later that they face a problem when applying to study in a different country, namely that no-one really knows what the German equivalent of their certificate is. In order to find out, one can use the services of Munich's Certificate Recognition Office (Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle). It's function is officially described thus:-

"The Certificate Recognition Office of the Free State of Bavaria is the State-wide office for the examination of certificates as proof of High School matriculation, Technical College matriculation, Ordinary School Certification or successful Secondary School Certification. The decisions carry the authority of the Bavarian State Ministry for Learning and Culture."

It is worth getting in contact with this Office as early as possible, because it decides whether you are even eligible to study in Germany.

Go to this website to download the necessary forms: (in German and English):

The postal address is:

Pündterplatz 5
80803 München
phone: 0049-89-3838490